Solid hardwood floors made to last for generations, mellowing gently as they age. 

Solid Oak Flooring – 20mm thick
Oak is slow grown, strong, of medium weight and very hard, making it ideal for flooring in parts of the house where there is a lot of wear and tear. It's also suitable for many commercial purposes.
Character Appalachian oak – 5” width (128mm), lengths from 350-1500mm.
This oak floor is one of our most popular. It's a true oak colour (similar to a digestive biscuit), with small knots and an attractive grain pattern.  There is some colour variation, but overall it is quite consistent.
As its name suggests, this oak comes from the Appalachian mountains in the United States and Canada; it grows along the entire east coast from Florida into Quebec.
Rustic Appalachian oak – 5” width (128mm), lengths from 300-1500mm
This is a real country floor with a wide colour variation from cream to dark brown, pinks, knots of all sizes and colour and many rustic features – ideal for a cottage.
It is also sourced from the Appalachians in north America.

Solid Ash Flooring – 20mm thick
Ash is a tough and strong timber; it has good resistance to impact and was therefore traditionally used for agricultural implements.
Olive Ash – 5” width (128mm), lengths from 400-1500mm.
This floor is clear except for a few small pin knots. Its main feature is the richness of colour, with variations from white to dark chocolate brown and occasional purple hues. Individual boards may be all brown or mostly white with a small proportion of olive colour and batches may vary with a dark or light bias.

Solid Maple Flooring – 20mm thick

Maple was originally used as flooring in dance halls, as it has good resistance to abrasion and stiletto heels.
Smoky Maple Flooring – 5” (128mm) widths, lengths from 350 –1500mm Smoky Maple floor has striking colour variations, from creamy white to smoky brown, with dark veins of mineral colour in some of the wood.  Some knots and character marks are included.  Maple has a fine texture and grain, with growth rings demarcated by fine dark lines. It’s smooth, has a beautiful lustre and polishes well.

Maple is imported into the UK from the north-east coast of the United States and Canada, where it is widespread.
Ivory Maple Flooring – 5” (128mm) widths, lengths from 400 –1500mm.
Our lightest, whitest floor. Boards selected for their consistency of colour – being uniformly pale and creamy, with only the odd light pin knot and very occasional flashes of dark mineral colour. Ideal for a minimalist look. Maple has a characteristic fine texture and grain, with growth rings demarcated by fine slightly darker lines.  Hard wearing with a beautiful lustre.
Also sourced from the north-east coast of the United States and Canada, where it is widespread.

Solid Walnut Flooring – 20mm thick

Black Walnut is a beautiful, dark timber with swirling grain and a rich variety of colours. It is a truly exotic floor, and the timber is steamed to darken the wood and produce a more uniform colour.
Classic, pippy walnut flooring – 128mm wide (5”), lengths from 400-1500mm
An ideal choice if you want a darker floor, classic American black walnut wood floor is mid to dark brown with shades of purple and occasional flashes of light brown. It has an interesting grain pattern, with a mix of clear and highly figured wood, as well as some sound knots & character marks.  Overall this floor is quite consistent in colour being virtually free of white sapwood.  Walnut will take a high polish.

Grows extensively in woodlands throughout the United States and Canada.

Solid Cherry Flooring – 20mm thick
American cherry is a red-brown wood with a subtle grain pattern that darkens  as it ages from pink to a rich red-brown colour. Such is the quality and appearance of the timber that it was once used as a substitute for Cuban Mahogany in some classical furniture.
Character American cherry flooring - 5” (128mm) width, lengths from 350-1500mm.
A strikingly beautiful, solid plank floor, Sapwood is pale in colour and sometimes present at the edge of the board in this character grade, which also contains a scattering of knots, burrs and gum lines.
Cherry grows extensively in woodlands on the East Coast of the United States.

Some Advice on Choosing a Wooden Floor.
The ‘wood’ floor market is divided into two – laminate and solid wood floors.  Laminate floors are made of layers; some have a 3-5mm layer of solid wood on the top, the cheaper ones have only a layer of paper with an image of wood on the top.
Solid wood floors can be finished or unfinished and come in a variety of species, which are sourced from many different countries. 
We have chosen to sell, solid, unfinished wood floors from temperate regions of the world, mainly north America (the US and Canada) and Europe.  In these regions, forestry is generally well regulated.
McConnel Wood Products sells unfinished floors because the finish has such an impact on the overall look of the floor that we feel it should be something the customer has direct control over – generally the finish we recommend, particularly for oak, is a hard-wax oil such as Osmo oil.  Care and maintenance of a floor that you have finished yourself is also much easier. 

Walnut and Oak Floor Character Oak Flooring Rustic Appalachian Oak Olive AshColours in Smoky Maple Flooring Ivory Maple Flooring Plank American Black Walnut Flooring Plank Character Cherry Floor American Cherry Detail of Walnut and Oak Floor